A coalition of West Jordan residents that intends to keep closer tabs on city government made its presence known at City Council meeting Tuesday night.

"We call ourselves SOC, for Save Our City," said Norman Riggs, an organizer of the new watchdog group. "You can take that however you want."We will investigate the practices and procedures of West Jordan City . . . and give you direct input" from citizens, he said during the public comment period that begins each council meeting.

While there was no formal reaction to the comments by Riggs, a former school superintendent and principal who has lived in West Jordan for 12 years, there were some raised eyebrows.

But Riggs said he was speaking out because "the contention among the city's council and management is unacceptable to the citizens I've been talking to."

If problems are brought by coun-cil members to the public eye, he said, "don't shoot the messenger . . . and don't send up a smoke screen by saying it's an attack on your integrity."

Riggs said there has been considerable talk the past few weeks about checks and balances.

He reminded council members it is their responsibility to oversee city administration and that it's the responsibility of West Jordan residents to oversee the council.

SOC intends to take that latter responsibility seriously, Riggs said, studying issues and making recommendations on various city issues including the budget and taxes.

Riggs also said the city needs to look at ways to reduce municipal costs, and he said the shifting of funds within the city without council approval "is unacceptable."

He indicated one issue SOC will delve into is the amount of money city departments charge the water and sewer enterprise fund for administrative and staff support.