Orem's City Council is intrigued with the idea of naming a poet laureate for the city, but members want time to consider a selection process.

Jeff Lambson approached the council Tuesday and suggested the city name Clyde Weeks as its official poet because of his long service to the community and because he's written columns in the local weekly paper for years.Lambson said Weeks is already the unofficial poet of the community, having written about community events and published books about life in Utah Valley.

"Based on his vast experience, his heart and soul for service and his talent for writing, I believe he's due this honor," Lambson said.

No city in the country has its own poet laureate, Lambson said. "I'd like to see Orem be the leader."

He said a city poet would be expected to record important city events in verse and organize and foster the writing of poetry throughout the city with contests and opportunities for performance.

City Manager Jim Reams said while he believes it's a good idea he thinks it's important to have a process by which to select the poet laureate.

"There are other poets in the community," he said. "We should look into this further."

Councilwoman Judy Bell said naming a community poet is an opportunity for Orem to lead out.

Councilman Mike Thompson agreed that a procedure for selection and a process for length of service ought to be designated before a poet is chosen.

"It's an honor that needs to be discussed," said Councilman David Palfreyman.