If the Microsoft antitrust fight is ever set to music, two senators have some suggestions. It started Tuesday on the Senate floor when Sen. Orrin Hatch, a frequent critic of Microsoft, poked fun at the software company's selection of music three years ago to release its Windows 95 software, "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones.

Hatch, R-Utah, complained about alleged pressure by Microsoft on computermakers to publicly support the company and on computer users "increasingly beholden to Microsoft for software products." Hatch's suggestion: Microsoft should adopt another Rolling Stones song for Windows 98, "Under My Thumb."

Republican Sen. Slade Gorton, whose home state of Washington includes Microsoft's headquarters, didn't let it end there. He fired back later in the day from the Senate floor, arguing that Microsoft's theme song might as well be "Satisfaction," and he accused Hatch of listening too much to "Sympathy for the Devil."