Utah point guard Andre Miller is likely to declare himself eligible for the NBA draft before Sunday's declaration deadline.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean he will end up being drafted next month and thus not return to Utah for one more season.Utah coach Rick Majerus said late Tuesday night that he is working daily to determine what is best for Miller and that Miller will most likely declare himself for the draft, like North Carolina's Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter did last week and Kentucky's Nazr Mohammed did


But Miller has until a week before the June 24 draft to withdraw his name, and that could happen if Majerus determines it would not be in Mill-er's best interests to go to the NBA at this point.

"We need to explore all the options," said Majerus. "My best guess is that he'll put his name in and then decide whether to pull out or not pull out."

Majerus said there are numerous factors that will go into the decision, which he has been entrusted to make by Andre and his mother.

"I need to look at who will take him and where, what the money is, whether there will be a lockout - everything," said Majerus.

Majerus said he has talked to several people in the NBA about Miller's situation and just Tuesday he discussed the matter with Jerry West of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Miller has said more than once that he is staying at Utah for one more year, but Majerus said he'll push him out the door if he has an opportunity in the NBA that is too good to pass up.