American Fork Hospital-

DOBRY, Brenda and Michael, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 15.

HAWKINS, Cherice and Larry, Elberta, Utah County, girl, April 15.

JARVIS, Lori and Glenn, Riverton, girl, April 16.

KILMER, Karen and Christopher, Payson, girl, April 16.

QUINONES, Jennifer and David, Evanston, Wyo., girl, April 15.

SUTCH, April and Jared, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 16.

THOMAS, Gala and Terry, American Fork, girl, April 15.

TRIPP, Gena and Justin, Lehi, girl, April 15.

WILKES, Teresa and Charles, Cedar Hills, boy, April 14.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BEALES, Sandra and John Ramon, West Jordan, boy, May 2.

BONNER, Patricia and James, Draper, boy, May 1.

BOSS, Monica and Kenneth, Salt Lake City, girl, May 3.

CHRISTIANSEN, Lisa and Nathan, West Jordan, boy, May 1.

DALTON, Allison and Eric, Salt Lake City, boy, May 1.

FULLER, Stacie and Kim, Riverton, girl, May 1.

HALLETT, Amy and Jonathan, Murray, girl, May 3.

HURZELER, Marsha and Christopher, West Jordan, girl, May 1.

LARA, Gloria and Luis, Midvale, girl, May 1.

LYMAN, Heidi and Mathew, Sandy, boy, May 1.

NEWMAN, Brandi, and CARR, David, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

PALMER, Paula and Todd, Salt Lake City, girl, May 2.

PECORELLI, Trudy and Michael, Sandy, boy, May 3.

PEREZ, Lynette and Alfred, Sandy, boy, May 2.

RUBART, Jennifer and Michael, Salt Lake City, twins, boy and girl, May 1.

STANSFIELD, Tamara and Jon, Salt Lake City, boy, May 1.

STONE, Aaron and Caroline, Salt Lake City, boy, May 2.

TAYLOR, Donna and Brett, Centerville, boy, May 1.

WHITE, Jennifer and Jason, West Jordan, girl, May 1.

WRIGHT, Jackie and Randy, West Valley City, girl, May 2.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

CHAPIN, Kimberley and William, Hill AFB, boy, April 27.

COTTRELL, Robin and Kris, Kaysville, boy, April 28.

CRUM, Courtney and Craig, Eden, Weber County, boy, April 28.

FIFIELD, Linda and Jeremy, Brigham City, girl, April 27.

GUZMAN, Kris, Clearfield, boy, April 27.

HERNANDEZ, Robyn and Albert, Layton, boy, April 29.

HOLLOWAY, Denise and Russell, Tooele, boy, April 28.

LEMOS, Rosanna and Mario, girl, April 27.

LUCAS, Jody and Nate, Washington Heights, boy, April 30.

MATHESON, Eve and Dwayne, Clearfield, girl, April 22.

MILLER, Kayla and Todd, Layton, girl, April 27.

MOODY, Heidi and Christopher, Roy, boy, April 27.

MORAN, Juli and Danny, boy, April 28.

NAUMANN, JaNae and Court, Layton, girl, April 27.

PACE, Amy Lynn, Clinton, girl, April 28.

PARKER, Stacy and David, Clinton, boy, April 24.

PECTOL, Lee and Robert, Clinton, girl, April 24.

ROBLEDO, Sabrina, and ORTIZ, Rudy, Clearfield, boy, April 28.

ROONEY, Traci and Shawn, Bountiful, boy, April 24.

STOFFERS, Heather and Robert, Ogden, girl, April 28.

STONE, Shirley and Fred, Hill AFB, girl, April 28.

SWANSON, Melinda and Shad, Bountiful, boy, April 28.

TAYLOR, Carrie Ann, Kaysville, boy, April 24.

VIDINHAR, Yvette and Lamond, Syracuse, boy, April 25.

WAITE, Kindra, and ANDERSON, Mark, Syracuse, boy, April 26.

WOMBLE, Kalyn and Richard, Sunset, boy, April 26.

YOUNG, Neana and Daniel, Layton, boy, April 25.

Lakeview Hospital-

ERICKSEN, Jennifer and Vernon, Woods Cross, girl, May 1.

HADLEY, Nannette and Sherman, Bountiful, boy, May 1.

PLAIZIER, Jana and John, Bountiful, boy, April 30.

STOUT, Cathryn and Benjamin, Bountiful, girl, May 1.

WEINBERGER, Dayna and Matthew, Kaysville, boy, May 2.

WILSON, Christine and Timothy, Layton, boy, May 1.

LDS Hospital-

BASCOM, Wendy and David, Provo, girl, May 4.

BOOTH, Lisa and Eric, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4.

COLLINS, Becky and Sean, Layton, boy, May 4.

EDWARDS, Autumn and David, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4.

GAGON, Gina and Shane, Layton, girl, May 4.

HEYN, Paula and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4.

JOHNSON, Mariann and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4.

KELLER, Marybeth and James, Murray, boy, May 4.

KER, Cristin and Max, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4.

SIMMONS, Tuesday and Todd, Bountiful, boy, May 4.

WILLES, Dartha and Brad, Sandy, boy, May 4.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BROWN, Stacey and Karl, Harrisville, boy, May 1.

CHAPPLE, Heather and Scott, Ogden, boy, May 1.

ELLIS, Karrie and Cody, Hooper, boy, May 3.

FISHBURN, Alecia and Lane, Layton, boy, May 1.

FISK, Shasta and Jeremy, Ogden, girl, May 3.

FOWERS, Lori and Daron, Roy, boy, May 1.

FUHRIMAN, Mandie and Brett, Providence, girl, May 3.

GOOCH, Angelene and Dennis, Liberty, Weber County, boy, May 1.

HANSEN, Tamarie and William, Riverdale, boy, May 2.

HILL, Lauretta and Gerald, Ogden, boy, May 3.

JENSEN, Tamara and David, West Point, boy, May 1.

JONES, Shantel and Carson, Ogden, boy, May 1.

KARLINSEY, Stacey and Jay, Willard, girl, May 2.

LORE, Brenda and Donald, Ogden, boy, May 2.

LUECKLER, Windy and Barry, Clearfield, girl, May 1.

PETERSON, Patricia, and CAMERATH, Kaden, Ogden, boy, May 1.

PRICE, Leianne and Tim, Ogden, girl, May 1.

SCALLION, Lisa, Ogden, boy, May 2.

SCHROEDER, Maria and Brian, Ogden, girl, May 3.

SMITH, Stephanie and Christopher, Ogden, boy, May 1.

THOMPSON, Cathy and Dennis, Ogden, girl, May 1.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center-

ALMASSI, Katayoon and Kourash, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

BARTHOLOW, Angela and Frank, Salt Lake City, boy, April 29.

CARRICABURU, Lisa, and MAXFIELD, Chris, Salt Lake City, girl, April 29.

EAGLESTON, Cindy and Rob, Midvale, girl, May 1.

HARMAN, Wendy and Daniel, South Jordan, boy, May 2.

LAMBERSON, Brandy, and TELMONG, Tony, Salt Lake City, boy, April 30.

LYON, Roxanne and Michael, Kearns, girl, April 27.

MUTCHIE, Jenifer and John, Magna, boy, April 30.

NEWBOLD, Elisa and Tim, West Valley City, boy, May 1.

SORENSEN, Rebecca and Roger, Salt Lake City, boy, May 1.

VASSAR, Durath, and HERNANDEZ, Santiago, Salt Lake City, girl, May 2.

WEBB, Shannon and Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy, April 30.

Utah Valley

Regional Medical Center-

ASTON, Jennifer and Vernon, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 29.

BERRIEL, Karilynn and Julian, Springville, boy, April 29.

BYERS, Jeanette and Aaron, Provo, boy, April 29.

CABISTAN, Nila and Wilfred, Provo, girl, April 29.

COWDEN, Tiena and Chris, Orem, girl, April 28.

DISBROW, Sherri and Daniel, Provo, boy, April 28.

EDWARDS, DeeAnn and Byron, Orem, girl, April 28.

GEE, Debra and Gregory, Orem, girl, April 28.

HARRISON, Cathy and J., Orem, girl, April 29.

MORTEZAZADEB, Kristy and Hamid, Provo, boy, April 29.

STANTON, Tiffany and Calvin, Payson, girl, April 28.

TORRES, Yvonne and Hector, Provo, boy, April 28.

UNUFE, Sharon and Apakasi, Provo, boy, April 29.