Militant separatists have killed two more people in the restive province of Kosovo, striking at Serbs and ethnic Albanians loyal to the Serbian government, state-run media reported Tuesday.

The deaths - plus reports that militant Albanians trapped by Serb police were using elderly Albanian villagers as human shields - kept tensions high between the southern province's minority Serbs and its majority Albanians.The two victims alleged to have been killed by the Kosovo Liberation Army died late Monday and early Tuesday. The group has claimed responsibility for the deaths of dozens of Serbs and pro-Serb Albanians since 1996.

An Associated Press Television crew who saw the body of the slain Serb, a postman identified as Nenad Jaredic, said his hands had been bound with wire. The 28-year-old, killed Monday near Klina, 25 miles west of Kosovo's capital of Pristina, had a gaping bullet hole in his forehead and many stab wounds.

Serb media said an ethnic Albanian loyal to Serbia, identified as Nazif Basota, also was killed by the Kosovo Liberation Army Tuesday in the same region.

A third body was found lying on a road about 20 miles west of Pristina.