Alta View Hospital-

HALLMAN-LEE, Tracy, and LEE, Jeff, Draper, girl, May 1.

HANSEN, Jeanette and Mark, Sandy, boy, May 1.

HELBLING, Mary and James, Alpine, girl, May 1.

OSTERBERG, Marci and Timothy, Salt Lake City, girl, May 2.

SUNDWALL, Mara and Sean, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 2.

THOMAE, Rachel and Lynn, Sandy, girl, May 1.

American Fork Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Shauna and Roger, Alpine, girl, April 14.

BAIRD, Terrie and Bradley, Orem, girl, April 12.

BLACK, Alayna and Nathan, Provo, girl, April 14.

CARLSTROM, Cheryl and Waldemar, Lindon, girl, April 12.

CARPENTER, Stacee and Lance, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 14.

CASTLETON, Kathryn and Charles, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 12.

CEDARSTROM, Jamie and Cyle, Lehi, boy, April 13.

CHRISTENSEN, Amy and Joshua, Orem, boy, April 12.

CLEGG, Sharon and Robert, Lehi, boy, April 10.

CROCKETT, Karen and Alan, Orem, boy, April 13.

DOUCETTE, Amy and Joseph, Lehi, girl, April 9.

EGGETT, Katie and Kyle, Orem, girl, April 13.

ELEGANTE, Jorgene and Michael, Orem, boy, April 10.

GRAHAM, Allison and Phillip, Orem, girl, April 9.

GUTIERREZ, Maxine, Lehi, girl, April 9.

HANKS, Dana and Michael, Orem, girl, April 14.

HASKETT, Michelle and Sean, Provo, girl, April 10.

HOUSTON, Melissa and Shaun, American Fork, girl, April 9.

JONES, Arin and Brody, Mapleton, girl, April 13.

KITCHEN, Laura and Dale, Cedar Valley, girl, April 11.

LARSON, Becky and Matthew, Provo, boy, April 14.

LOPEZ, Leilani and Edward, Provo, boy, April 14.

LUDLOW, Jalane and Paul, Alpine, boy, April 12.

MANNING, Alleen and David, Lehi, boy, April 10.

OVERSTREET, Jennifer and Timothy, Salt Lake City, boy, April 9.

PALMER, Lisa and James, Alpine, boy, April 12.

PEACOCK, Rena and Charles, Spanish Fork, girl, April 15.

RICH, Amy and Jeremy, Provo, girl, April 10.

ROBISON, Kimberly and Aaron, Provo, boy, April 10.

RONEY, Becky and Derek, Orem, boy, April 13.

RYAN, Nancy and Edward, Orem, boy, April 13.

SCHOONOVER, Sandy and Steve, Lehi, girl, April 13.

SMITH, Angela and Travis, American Fork, boy, April 10.

STOKER, Shelly and Darin, American Fork, girl, April 9.

SUTHERLAND, Kristen and Rich, Orem, girl, April 11.

SWENSEN, Jennifer and James, Lehi, boy, April 12.

VAN DE VANTER, Melody and Ronald, Wendover, boy, April 9.

VINCENT, Stacie and Tyler, Orem, girl, April 13.

WAYMENT, Synda and Brad, Highland, boy, April 13.

WHITFIELD, Tammy and Joseph, Provo, boy, April 10.

WILSON, Merilee and Clayton, Monroe, Sevier County, boy, April 9.

Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

ARCHULETA, Sheri and Larry, Roy, boy, April 23.

BELL, Cathalenia and Daniel, Clearfield, boy, April 17.

BLOXMAN, Brenda and Karl, Roy, girl, April 21.

CHRISTENSEN, Jeanette and Kevin, West Haven, boy, April 18.

CONTRERAS, Gabriela and Antonio, Ogden, girl, April 21.

DURBANO, Susan and Jed, Ogden, boy, April 21.

ELZEY, Candy and Steven, Clearfield, girl, April 17.

FERRERO, Gianetta, and BRAUN, David, South Ogden, boy, April 19.

GROVER, Julianne and Chad, Roy, boy, April 19.

HILL, Stacey and Ronald, Roy, boy, April 19.

HOUGHTON, Nila and Donald, Ogden, girl, April 18.

HUTCHINSON, Arlene and Rustin, Lyman, Wyo., boy, April 22.

IVESTER, Tamera and Charles, Layton, boy, April 22.

MARQUEZ, Rebecca, and WHITE, Boyd, Ogden, boy, April 22.

MAYHEW, Sharon and Kenneth, Roy, boy, April 19.

ORTIZ, Claudia, and FLORES, Arturo, Ogden, girl, April 23.

ORTON, Cindy and Curtis, Plain City, boy, April 19.

PERDOMO, Jessica and Ermilo, Ogden, boy, April 23.

PHILLIPS, Kari and Todd, Ogden, girl, April 21.

PORTER, Letha and Steven, Layton, girl, April 20.

PRATT, Danille and Kenneth, South Ogden, girl, April 20.

PRZYBYLSKI, Rebecca, and MESA, Timothy, Ogden, girl, April 17.

RAZO, Calley and Lorenzo, Ogden, boy, April 17.

SANDERSON, Lynne and Mark, Bountiful, girl, April 17.

SAUNDERS, Bradi and Robert, West Haven, girl, April 19.

SAUNDERS, Kelly and Daniel, Roy, girl, April 17.

SCOTT, Melinda and Ashley, Layton, girl, April 21.

SHUMWAY, Stephanie and Timothy, Salt Lake City, boy, April 19.

SOLIS, Miriam and Jamie, Ogden, boy, April 23.

THOMAS, Lucinda, and MEISTER, Timothy, Layton, boy, April 13.

WEBER, Kimberly, and COWLES, Casey, North Ogden, boy, April 23.

WHITNEY, Paulyn and Jeffrey, Layton, girl, April 22.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

AGUIRRE, Cindy and Steven, West Valley City, boy, May 3.

CHAUDOIN, Kimberlee and William, Sandy, girl, May 1.

CHRISTIANSEN, Nicole and Steven, Stansbury Park, girl, May 1.

COUTS, Marcella, and KENDALL, Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

DENNING, Lindsay and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, May 3.

EITING, Ronda and Stephen, Bountiful, boy, May 2.

ESPINOZA, Shana and Adam, Magna, girl, May 2.

EVANS, Heather, and MOODIE, Nathan, Salt Lake City, boy, April 30.

GARCIA, Rosa and Carlos, West Valley City, girl, May 3.

JAMES, Barbara and Stephen, Sandy, boy, May 3.

KERN, Misty and Thomas, Salt Lake City, girl, May 3.

KING, Annette and Robert, West Valley City, girl, April 30.

RECORD, Jennifer and Matthew, Murray, boy, May 1.

REED, Bobbie, and FORD, Vandal, Midvale, boy, May 2.

RIPPE, Jennifer and Scott, Riverton, boy, May 2.

ROYCE, Ann and William, Murray, girl, May 1.

SHUPE, Brenda and Jason, Bountiful, girl, May 1.

SOUVALL, Staci and Harry, South Jordan, girl, May 2.

WEDDELAND, Leah and Eric, Salt Lake City, boy, May 3.

WILSON, Kenna and Cody, Taylorsville, girl, May 3.

WRIGHT, Regina, and NORTHROP, Jeremy, West Valley City, girl, May 2.

Cottonwood Hospital-

CHRISTOPHERSON, Ariane and Joel, Tooele, girl, April 30.

CRAMER, Lori, Taylorsville, girl, April 30.

DENIS, Dora and Mauro, Midvale, boy, April 30.

GOLDSTROHM, Misty and William, Sandy, girl, April 30.

JARNAGIN, Sharlene and Marvin, Salt Lake City, boy, April 30.

KUMMER, Jennifer and Scotty, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

LASSIG, Michelle and Manfred, Sandy, girl, April 30.

LUND, Jeri and Curtis, West Valley City, girl, April 30.

MARTIN, Aleyce and Thomas, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

MISCHLER, Kim and Brad, West Jordan, girl, April 30.

PEAY, Brandie and Gregory, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

STAUFFER, Rebecca and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

LDS Hospital-

ALDANA, Sunshine, and MENDOZA, Alex, Salt Lake City, girl, May 3.

BARINOVA, Eva, Salt Lake City, boy, May 3.

BRADLEY, Marci and Ryan, Salt Lake City, boy, May 3.

EVETT, Mardi and Donald, Centerville, boy, May 3.

MATAVAO, RoseAnne and Liae, Salt Lake City, boy, May 3.

MONSON, Chamane and Reid, Salt Lake City, boy, May 3.

TURPIN, Krista and Daniel, West Valley City, boy, May 3.

WILLIAMS, Sandy Jo, and TARNUTZER, Ray, Salt Lake City, girl, May 3.

ZGORZELSKI, Susan and Stanley, Salt Lake City, girl, May 3.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ABBOTT, Sherry and John, West Jordan, girl, May 1.

COOK, Calene and Mark, West Valley City, boy, May 3.

HANSEN, Bridgett and Elvis, Holladay, boy, May 1.

HANSEN, Mindy and Jake, West Valley City, boy, May 3.

KLINGONSMITH, Victoria, Salt Lake City, boy, May 3.

University Birth Center-

BATES, Sonya and Steve, Salt Lake City, girl, May 3.

Utah Valley

Regional Medical Center-

AHLBORN, Julie and Eric, Provo, boy, April 27.

ANDERSON, Laska and Shelby, Provo, girl, April 24.

ANDERSON, Laura and Robert, Alberta, Canada, boy, April 24.

ATCHLEY, Shari and Michael, Springville, girl, April 27.

BEAGLEY, Shelley and Norm, Provo, girl, April 24.

BELL, Erika and Mark, Santaquin, boy, April 25.

BELTON, Marcie and Christopher, Springville, boy, April 24.

BURGOYNE, Melanie and Tyler, American Fork, boy, April 24.

CLARK, Lisa and Christopher, Provo, boy, April 25.

CRAIG, Paula and Nathan, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 27.

DAVIS, Michelle and Michael, Orem, girl, April 24.

DURHAM, Melissa and Benjamin, Provo, boy, April 24.

EKINS, Christy and Rod, Provo, girl, April 24.

FANNEN, Jennifer and Douglas, Lehi, boy, April 27.

FITZGERALD, Michelle and Troy, Springville, boy, April 24.

GENTRY, Valerie and Eric, Provo, girl, April 27.

HATTEN, Miriam and John, Provo, boy, April 25.

HONE, Teresa and Darren, Provo, boy, April 27.

JOHNSON, Melissa and Richard, Provo, girl, April 26.

JORDAN, Teresa and Korry, Spanish Fork, girl, April 25.

MONSALVO, Kaye and Daniel, Provo, boy, April 24.

MOUNGA, Va and Paula, Provo, girl, April 26.

OLSEN, Jennifer and Jeffrey, Provo, girl, April 24.

PADILLA, Laura and Mason, Provo, girl, April 27.

PEREZ, Maria and Juan, Spring Lake, Carbon County, girl, April 25.

REMER, Cindy and David, Orem, girl, April 27.

ROBERTS, Tiffany and Damon, Orem, girl, April 27.

RUSHTON, Emily and Jeffrey, Provo, boy, April 26.

STARTUP, Sabrina and Daric, Provo, girl, April 26.

THARP, Melanie and Nate, Orem, girl, April 27.

THOMPSON, Emily and Chad, Provo, girl, April 26.

TREMAYNE, Danelle and Bruce, Provo, boy, April 26.

TURNER, Jennifer and Rob, Orem, boy, April 24.

VANCE, Candace and Brent, Orem, girl, April 25.

WILLETO, Carol and John, Provo, girl, April 25.