New York state police said Sunday they had arrested a couple and their daughter for beating two mentally disabled women whom they kept in their home for 10 years, taking the women's welfare checks for themselves.

A statement said the suspects had placed the two women - who are mother and daughter - on a long-distance bus with one-way tickets when they realized they were being investigated.The daughter, age 24, was found at the Syracuse, N.Y., bus station on Friday, but the mother, 52, was missing, police said.

They said John Dennee, 47, his wife, Kathleen, 44, and their 26-year-old daughter, Janet, were arrested on Friday in their Grieg, N.Y., home about 60 miles northeast of Syracuse. They are being held on $50,000 bail each.

Police said they received a tip on Wednesday that the two women were being ill-treated.

When officers went to investigate, the Dennees told them the women had gone fishing. When police returned with a search warrant, they learned the women had been put on a bus bound for Florida.

The younger woman had bruises, contusions and rope marks on her arms and legs and has been taken to hospital, police said.

They have not released the names of the women, who received Social Security payments due to their diminished mental capacity.