Recently you asked in an editorial what can be done about the weakening Social Security program. It seems to me that if it were just left alone to collect interest rather than being treated as part of the national budget, it would be much better off.

If I understand correctly, the government has been borrowing from it year after year, interest-free. Had it been allowed to accrue even moderate interest over the years it may not have run into any big prob-lems. I suppose its planners counted on the interest it never gets.If you'll pardon a trite phrase, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. In a popular TV news segment, "The Fleecing of America," we learn that much of our fleecing comes from our own government and/or its high-salaried people.

If a little boy is saving up for a new bike, he may dip into the account regularly for candy, but his little bank account still would accrue some interest if his parents didn't borrow from it, too. Any account that is open for such other uses is no better than a fruit jar on a kitchen shelf.

Norval G. Turner