About 10,000 Cambodian refugees streamed into Thailand on Sunday, while Thai officers warned that the jungle-savvy Khmer Rouge was still holding some high ground and could regroup.

The Cambodian government claims its troops have already seized the last enclave of the Khmer Rouge in northern Cambodia, astride the Thai border, all but wiping out the revolutionary movement that brought three decades of terror."The war is departing us now. I hope that a second killing fields will never occur on Cambodian soil again," Cambodian leader Hun Sen said in a television and radio address Sunday.

But sounds of lingering battles punctured the scorching air as lines of refugees - including a sizable number of unarmed Khmer Rouge soldiers - arrived at a temporary camp in Pusing, about two miles inside Thailand, set up by international aid agencies and Thai officials.

Up to 10,000 refugees had arrived at the camp by Sunday evening, adding to the 20,000 who had come in recent days.