On Tuesday, June 23, the voters in the Alpine School district will be asked to vote whether to raise their property taxes. I would like to urge everyone to go to the polls and vote "no" for the following reasons:

1. Utah County has received national publicity recently as one of the "least affordable" housing markets in the entire country. Raising property taxes will make housing in Utah County even more unaffordable.2. It is unfair for those who can afford to pay higher taxes to vote "yes" in an election that will also force those who can't afford it to also pay higher taxes.

3. Just because someone owns property does not necessarily mean that they have an income or other means to pay taxes.

4. The law says that anyone who does not pay their property taxes, in full, will have their home taken away from them, even if that means kicking them out into the street.

5. There are many different ways to fund education, and all of them are better than raising property taxes.

Robert Higginson