If you want to take a girl out on a date, or you're a '90s girl an d you want to take a guy out on a date, the best place might be the place with the latest technology.

It's not hard to find a place for a techno-date. Technology is everywhere you look. If you go to the Fun Dome, you just have to step through the door to find different colored lasers, neon lights and all kinds of fancy technology. If you get bored doing one thing, you can easily quit and try something else. Along with bowling, laser tag, miniatyure golf and roller skating, the Fun Dome also has a roller coaster inside the building.

If you're looking gor what's popular, laser tag is it. Individually or on a team, your goal is to shoot the opposite team and/or their base.

Before going in to play, you review the rules, p ut on special equipment and get a code name. The code name lets you know who shot you. On the back of your gun hou have about a 1-inch screen that tells you the shooter's code name.

The screen also tells you your rank. Bright neon targets are on your shoulder, stomach, back and gun. Yo try to hide and doge the opposing team's lasers, which are also ranked. One is the best and another the worst, depending on how many are playing. Most people come out sweating.

Usually sessions don't last for more than half an hour and you can always play again. Candice Calder, a junior at Bingham High School said, "I feel like James bond when I'm laser tagging."

Of course, we can't forget Virtual Reality. The basic goal of VR is to produce an environment using that is indistinguishable from reality in which certain things can be done or experienced that cannon normally be done.

Along with everything else, there is also paintballin. Paintball is played year round and is somewhat like laser tag in that yuo aim for the other team, yet the feeling is totally different when you get hit with CO2-powered guns.

It stings just enough to make the game interesting. Most people come out of the game with bruises. Protective eye goggles must be worn at all times, along with uniforms.

You walk into a big, steamy, fogged-up building. Some say it l;ooks like a dark alley. There are different paintball games. One is "Capture the Flag."

This scenario has each team trying to capture the other's flag while protecting their own.

Another game is called "Snipers." This involved a small group of "snipers" taking positions in the bush with the remaining players trying to find and eliminate them. There is also "Generals" in which one player on each tem is appointed a "general" and each team's job is to protect its general while eliminating the opposition's.

Aubrey Oman, a sophomore at Alta High School, said, "I think if a girl goes paintballing on a date and doesn't whine about it, she can c onquer anything!"

If you think creativity must go along with a technology date, then the Hanson Planetarium would be the place for you and your date. Especially if you've never seen a laser light show.

A laser light show is projected in a dark theater with a dome-shaped roof. The roof is your screen for the lasers. Different colored neon lights shoot across the room in 3D. Some say you feel as if you can reach your hand up and touch the figures that appear.

There are other places for laser lights. Cameron Stevenson, a sophomore at West Jordan High School, said he thought the light show at the University of Utah was "awsome."