Just when the Granite School District thought it had pinned the issue of girls wrestling, about 20 students picketed the administration building Friday afternoon to attract attention to the sport.

In November, the school board banned girls from wrestling on high school or junior high boys teams, citing concerns about potential litigation from sexual harassment complaints.But some students, who carried signs and chanted "Girls have rights, too," said they want consideration of all girls wrestling teams.

Under the school board prohibition, girls are banned from Utah High School Activities wrestling competition. However, the girls could explore forming a club sport, said district spokeswoman Michele Bartmus.

Another option would be petitioning the state high school activities association. "I don't think the Utah High School Activities Association is at the point of adding another team sport," Bartmus said.

After implementing the ban, the Granite School District surveyed junior high school girls about their preference for adding a new girls sport. The students ranked soccer as their first choice, followed by softball. Wrestling, bowling and "other" tied for the junior high girls' third preference.