Age: 50.Where born: Colfax, Wash.

Family: Wife, Nancy; daughter, Nicole, 8.

Education: B.S. Oregon State University.

Primary products: Site engineering, land planning, traffic, transportation, surveying, structural and electrical engineering.

Primary markets: Department of Transportation, municipalities, private developers.

Number of employees: 49.

Annual sales: $3.5 million.


First "real" job: Surveying U.S. Forest Service boundaries in Oregon.

Management style: Create a good plan, get everyone going in the right direction, then get out of the way.

Strategy for success: Hire the very best people, genuinely care about one's customers and give them both what they need.

A memorable failure: My uncle Bob told me "Everyone fails. Failure makes you weaker or stronger, your choice. Choose to get stronger." Good advice.

Heroes: George Allen, my daughter Nicole and my uncle Bob.

Leisure time and hobbies: Golf, aerobics, biking, snowshoeing.

Favorite book and movie: Book, "Cadillac Desert"; movie, "The Big Chill."