Luprice Reeves, a second-year medical student at the University of Utah, will receive the U.S. Army's Gen. Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award, presented annually to 24 outstanding junior officers in the country for their leadership.

The awards will be presented May 14 by the Army chief of staff in a ceremony at the Pentagon. Each honoree will receive a memorandum of commendation, a wristwatch and an engraved bronze bust of MacArthur.Reeves, a first lieutenant, is one of only six Army Reserve officers in the nation to receive the award this year. His accomplishments include work with Edison Elementary School Project, designed to increase science awareness.

As commander of a medical logistics company at the 172nd Medical Battalion based in Ogden, Reeves is responsible for the training and welfare of 84 soldiers. The battalion provides medical support to three divisions and about 120,000 soldiers.