Millard County's Planning and Zoning Commission has put a stamp of approval on a proposed chicken egg-laying facility but has rejected for the second time an application for a zone change to allow a meat packing plant.

A conditional-use permit would allow the poultry enterprise to be established about 20 miles northwest of Delta. The recommendation for approval was forwarded to the the Millard County Commission.A consortium of Sunbest Farms, Olson Farms and Continental Grain want to locate an egg-producing facility in Millard County that would house some 1.25 million laying hens. It is anticipated the number could be increased in the future and that the facility would lend a substantial boost to the economy of Millard County through its job offerings.

Officials of the Dale Smith Meat Packing Plant are looking at locating a facility in Millard County and have proposed a site about five miles northwest of Delta on land owned by Ron Day and Marlow Cropper, who want to sell the property. The land is zoned residential agriculture and the owners have requested it be rezoned to agriculture industries.

Planning and zoning commission members are concerned because the proposed site is near the Sandhills housing area. Buffer zones have been proposed.

Plans for the meat packing plant are tentative but it was reported that its owners, Dale and Brent Smith, want to relocate from a Draper site that is being encroached on by development. If the company can find a Millard County site acceptable to the planning and zoning commission and the county commission, it is likely the Draper plant would be moved, according to Brent Smith.

About 250 head of cattle per day would be slaughtered and processed with projections that the operation could double in size. A feed yard would also be located near the plant.