When 12-year-old Christine Rhodes saw a classmate having a severe asthma attack, she shared her prescription inhaler, making her a hero to the other girl's mother.

But according to officials of Mount Airy Middle School, where Christine is a sixth-grader, that makes her a drug trafficker.And that gets entered in her records for three years.

"She went from feeling like she was on top of the world to feeling like she had done something terribly wrong," said her mother, Laura Rhodes.

The incident happened on April 22, when 13-year-old Brandy Dyer suffered an asthma attack on the bus on the way home from school. While the bus driver called for help, Christine found her inhaler and shared it with Brandy.

"I think she's a heroine," said Brandy's mother, Donna Cianci. "Brandy is fine, thanks to Christine."