The serene beauty of Clegg's Pond in the Springwater Park area belies the frenzy of activity going on beneath the surface.

It looks as if little is being done to move ahead with the ball fields, soccer fields and 18-hole golf course.But the most important part of the work is being done, said Kent Belcher, the consultant from Thanksgiving Point hired to oversee the site construction.

"This area has a lot of scattered wetlands. We want to make sure we don't disturb those," Belcher said. "Until the wetlands delineation is done, we wait."

Belcher said the firm hired to assess the wetlands and determine what can be done that won't threaten their continuation is expected to have its report ready within the next week.

"The wet weather hasn't helped us. We haven't been able to do much until it dried out a little," he said.

The 192 acres involved include the spring-fed pond fringed with mature trees and populated with Canada geese, wild ducks, magpies and freshwater carp.

Much of the area is swampy and will require drainage to make it usable as a golf course.

Some has been farmed and so the soil is rich and loamy.

"The challenge will be to build the course and blend it in. We want to save everything that's natural and indigenous that we can," Belcher said. "I've worked for Johnny Miller Design long enough to know we don't make the dirt work, we work with the dirt."

Belcher said he's excited about watching the design evolve for the Springwater Park course because there's so much beauty to work around.

"This is the most beautiful spot in the valley and I didn't even know it was here," he said.

He said the ball fields will go in first but are also waiting for the wetlands delineation report so the routing of the fairways and greens won't interfere or conflict with games.

Belcher also wants to take full advantage of the pond's freshness and beauty.

In addition, the holes need to finish so players aren't staring into the sun, he said. They need to be user-friendly but challenging, playable within a reasonable amount of time and arranged so the ninth and 18th holes finish close to the clubhouse area.