With reluctance I write this letter because it deals with a subject that seemed adequately visited with a number of letters to your column just a few months ago. However, I find it to be a continuing, unpleasant problem.

I like to jog the residential streets of my Holladay neighborhood nearly every late afternoon-early evening after work. I feel, as most of you would, that I should be able to do this in perfect peace and safety. I never go through anyone's yard. I stay on the sidewalks if they are available or jog very close to or in the gutters of the street so as not to cause traffic problems for anyone.Apparently, a number of homeowners in this area would deny me the opportunity to quietly go about my business in their neighborhoods. They allow their dogs to run freely and unleashed. I have been rushed at and scared to death by dogs of all sizes in the eight years or so that I have been jogging here.

Luckily, I have never been bitten. Some dog owners are obviously more concerned about their own convenience than about the safety of the general public. In the past six months, I have had to resort to carrying a wooden baseball bat for protection. Dog owners, please understand that I would never deliberately injure any living thing, but if I have to swing that bat for my own protection, I will do so enough times and with enough force to get your dog off of me. The law is not going to be on your side in this matter. For your best good, for your dog's best interest and for mine, please keep your dog leashed.

David Weber