Gun control does not equal crime control. Guns are not evil. In fact, in the hands of good against evil, they are a godsend.

George Mason, one of our Founding Fathers, said, "To disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them." How can defenseless slaves claim they have freedom?The messed-up kids who are taking guns to school obviously did not have parents who paid any attention to them. They certainly were old enough to know they were breaking the law. If kids are raised in day-care centers and get very little reassurance of their worth at home, how can we expect them to value others? Loving and getting to know our kids is the answer, not more gun control laws.

Kids can be taught to leave guns alone. If we can teach them how to cross the street and to leave matches alone, then why not teach them about guns? Like the decline in child drug use, it was education that was the answer, not more laws.

No one can be happy living in a padded cell. We must have our freedom, and the right to self-defense is a very important one. So important that it was the final straw that started the Revolutionary War. Let's not repeat it.

The people who are in favor of gun control are blind and must be nervous about them. There are so many sources of information like the NRA, local gun groups, Hunter Safety and Concealed Carry classes. Ask any gun dealer for information.

Don't ask me to lay down my gun. When prisons are no longer needed and we can trust one another, then, and only then, will I lay down my gun.

Cindy Singleton