Distancing itself from its reputation as a haven for Nazi war criminals, Argentina arrested a former army captain who presided over the largest - and deadliest - concentration camp in Croatia.

Neighbors booed and whistled Thursday when police led away Dinko Sakic, detained a month after he went public about his past in a TV interview here.Sakic, 76, put up no resistance and smiled derisively as he was taken from his home in the Atlantic resort of Santa Teresita, 200 miles southeast of Buenos Aires.

Interior Minister Carlos Corach told reporters that Croatia was seeking Sakic's extradition for trial in the wartime killings of as many as 600,000 people, although Croatian authorities have not yet filed any charges.

Sakic, who came to Argentina in 1947, admitted in an April 6 television interview that he was the lead commander of the Jasenovac concentration camp, where vast numbers of Serbs, Jews and gypsies perished.

But Sakic denied any wrongdoing, saying no one was exterminated at the camp when it was under his control.