Joseph Bruce, who goes by the name Violent J in his grease-painted hard-core/rap duo Insane Clown Posse, suffered a panic attack during a concert at St. Paul, Minn., April 19.

In a statement, Bruce said he didn't know what was happening, but when he got off stage, he cut his trademark dreadlocks off in a move to avoid doing any more shows. Bruce said he was feeling scared, suicidal and crazy.While resting at home, Bruce had another breakdown, which led to counseling.

"As soon as I found out that this mental-break thing has a name and a cure, I crushed it," Bruce said in the statement. "My doctors have fully cured me, and I'm now back to being just a little insane . . . I just wish I still had my dreadlocks."

IN A SIMILAR SITUATION (at least in a diva's eyes): Last week during her Taipei, Taiwan, concert, Mariah Carey stopped the show when she decided she didn't like what she was wearing. The prima donna ran off stage, leaving the audience hanging, and looked for something else to wear.

What, was someone in the audience wearing a $2,000 gown from Armani, too?

JOURNEY ON? The '80s blockbusting group Journey has a new lead singer - Steve Augeri, formerly of Tall Stories.

After recording a reunion album, "Trial By Fire" in 1996, the band was ready to embark on a tour. But apparent intraband conflicts and Perry's ailing physical health squashed the idea.

When drummer Steve Smith was in Provo for a drum clinic a couple of months ago, someone asked if Perry was out of the band.

Smith said that move wouldn't be smart for Journey because Perry was "the voice" of the band.

A week later, keyboardist Jonathan Cain said he, guitarist Neal Schon and bassist Ross Valory were working on new material - note there was no mention of Smith.

- MIX AND MATCHES: Former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron is Pearl Jam's new drummer - at least for the tour.

When the band pulls into Salt Lake City, June 21, Cameron, not Jack Irons - who is suffering from ill health, will keep the beat.

Cameron was the natural choice. He played on a few early PJ demos and played with other PJ members in the Mother Love Bone tribute band, Temple of the Dog.

- The Smashing Pumpkins have also tapped a new drummer for its summer tour - former John Mel-len-camp tempo timer Kenny Aronoff.

The drummer has been a session drummer for most of his career and has played for such musicians as Melissa Etheridge, John Fo-gerty, whom he left to play with the Pumps - and Jon Bon Jovi.

Maybe Aronoff needed to get in touch with his inner child. Touring with dinosaurs can be a bit heavy at times.

Incidentally, former John Mellencamp violinist Lisa Ger-mano is also joining the Pumpkins on tour. Maybe head Pumpkin Billy Corgan should now be known as Billy Corgan Mellencamp.