Bravo to Kieth Merrill.

One doesn't have to be a member of the LDS Church or live in Utah to decry the deplorable morals that are depicted in today's films. I live in the New York area and sometimes feel like a dinosaur for prohibiting many films and videos that other families allow. We won't even have cable TV in our home because I don't want MTV poisoning my kids.I agree that many PG-13 films are completely unsuitable due to their suggestive natures. "In and Out" was funny and well-acted, and I am secure enough in my beliefs to have thoroughly enjoyed it. Did I allow my teenagers to see it? Absolutely not.

I recently went to the video store and asked for a good, current "family movie" that our kids (ages 7-16) could watch. I was told "Grumpy Old Men" was good family fare. "Flirting With Disaster" was also recommended. My husband and I were mortified and had to stop both films, which caused upset and conflict. While on a flight home from Salt Lake City in December, my 7-year-old daughter began to watch a film supposedly edited for general viewing. It featured premarital sex, deception, lying and cheating in a humorous way. She shrugged at me in a puzzled fashion and said, "It's only a movie." But boy, did she howl when I confiscated the headphones.

I agree with Mr. Merrill. It's come to the point where violence in the R films is preferable to the innuendo in the PG-13 ones. You can't even trust some PG-rated films. But that's another story.

Lynn Flaster Kamzan

Pound Ridge, N.Y.