Having listened to a couple of interviews lately that featured Karl Malone, I've become aware that we haven't expressed enough thanks to him. I hate to think what the Jazz would be without him, but in a larger sense, what the community would lose if he were to take his talents and big heart elsewhere.

A few weeks back, I was reading an article in my hometown weekly, the Preston (Idaho) Citizen. If I still had a copy, I'd send it to you. Seems Karl met a lady at the Willow Way Convenience Store north of town. After a brief conversation wherein the woman learned that Karl and his motorcycle buddies would be passing her farmhouse in Treasureton, she hurried home and told her young Jazz fan son. The boy quickly donned his Jazz clothing and went out to stand along the shoulder of the highway in front of their home. Sure enough, very soon Karl and friends came zipping by and waved. Moments later, they whipped around and returned to visit with the little guy.A very nice gesture. Please do what you can to encourage your readers to express appreciation to Karl for being the gentleman that he is.

Howard Hawkes