American Fork Hospital-

ANDERSON, Cynthia and Craig, Twin Falls, Idaho, boy, March 27.

AVERY, Holly and Nathan, Lindon, boy, March 26.

BEVERIDGE, Cherie and John, American Fork, girl, March 26.

BEZZANT, Kathlene and Kevin, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 25.

BROOKS, Alisa and Aaron, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 23.

BUHLER, Patricia and Ray, Highland, girl, March 27.

GILES, Janis and Kenneth, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 26.

GORTON, Maria and Stephen, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 23.

HALL, Michelle and Michael, American Fork, girl, March 24.

HATCH, Jennifer and Scott, Orem, boy, March 27.

HOFHIENS, Kayce and Roy, Highland, boy, March 26.

HOWARD, LeAnn and Eric, Provo, boy, March 27.

HUNTSMAN, Christine and Troy, Payson, girl, March 24.

IGLINSKI, Tara and Brian, Lehi, boy, March 26.

JOLLEY, July and Steven, Alpine, boy, March 26.

KASSING, Wendee and Jason, Draper, girl, March 24.

LEWIS, April and Robert, Provo, boy, March 27.

NIELSON, Jennifer and Asa, Provo, boy, March 26.

PACE, Karen and Matthew, Orem, boy, March 27.

PALMER, Catherine and Ian, Milford, girl, March 24.

PETERSON, Genevieve and Trenten, Provo, girl, March 26.

RAWLINSON, Michelle, Lehi, girl, March 22.

REAY, Lori and Daniel, Provo, girl, March 22.

SMART, Rebecca and Brian, Bountiful, boy, March 24.

SUMMERS, Lori and Gary, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 22.

THORNE, Sarah and Robert, Orem, boy, March 23.

Columbia St. Mark' Hospital-

ARNOLD, Sharolyn and Jeffrey, Lindon, girl, April 28.

COFFING, Bo-Kim, and TAOSOGA, Iosefa, Kearns, girl, April 27.

GRAINGER, Jeannie and William, West Jordan, boy, April 28.

JUAREZ, Kelly and Eliud, Salt Lake City, boy, April 27.

MARTINI, Christy, and ROGERS, Thomas, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

OLSEN, Leighann, Grantsville, girl, April 27.

RAMIREZ, Beatriz and Emigio, Wendover, boy, April 27.

SNYDER, Trude and Timothy, West Jordan, boy, April 28.

STARK, Heather and Kevin, Murray, boy, April 27.

TAPIA, Janet and Roberto, Salt Lake City, boy, April 27.

URRY, Barbara and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

WALKER, Susannah, Salt Lake City, boy, April 27.

WORD, Vanessa, and OLIVER, Ronald, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BLUE, Stormie, LIEBMANN, Mark, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

BRADFORD, N. Jean and Barlow, Kaysville, girl, April 27.

BRONSON, Patricia and Mitchell, Riverton, girl, April 27.

CURTIS, Stacie and Thomas, South Jordan, girl, April 27.

DENNISON, Tansy and Niel, Sandy, girl, April 28.

DONIVAN, Brandi and Michael, Magna, girl, April 27.

GALLEGOS, Rosemary, and FRENCHWOOD, Paul, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

GEHRING, Debbie and R. Shawn, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

GILES, Julie and Jason, Sandy, boy, April 26.

HAIR, Angel and Joel, South Jordan, girl, April 27.

MINARD, Lisa and Dwight, Murray, boy, April 27.

ROWLAND, Esther and Jason, West Jordan, girl, April 26.

VERMEER, Cecilia and Kelly, Draper, girl, April 27.

WARBY, Marchel and Joseph, West Jordan, girl, April 27.

WILKEY, Kristi and Gregory, West Jordan, girl, April 27.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ALVEY, Tanya, and KJAR, Kelly, Layton, girl, April 20.

BANKS, Nicole and Rodney, Syracuse, girl, April 22.

CRAYTHORN, Amber, Ogden, boy, April 23.

DOUGLAS, T.J. and Clint, Clearfield, boy, April 23.

DYE, Maricel, and SUN, Romeo, Clearfield, girl, April 21.

EVANS, Laura, and HOOVER, John, Clearfield, boy, April 20.

FREEMAN, Holly and Rohn, South Weber, boy, April 20.

HAMBLIN, Jennifer and Rory, Syracuse, girl, April 20.

KEALAMAKIA, Elizabeth and Terry, Syracuse, girl, April 20.

KENNEDY, Joann and Scott, Layton, girl, April 19.

KESTER, Nicole, Roy, boy, April 20.

LOOMIS, Peggy and Richard, Layton, girl, April 22.

MEANS, Mary Beth and Robert, Layton, boy, April 21.

PARK, Rebecca and William, Fruit Heights, boy, April 20.

PREECE, Rebecca and Chris, Layton, boy, April 21.

REED, Diana and Hudson, Kaysville, boy, April 19.

SCHENK, Becky and David, West Haven, girl, April 21.

SEARLE, Linda and Ran, Layton, boy, April 21.

SEEDS, Charlotte and Curtis Joe, Syracuse, boy, April 22.

SELLIN, Carolyn and Robert, Ogden, girl, April 21.

SHEFFIELD, Cherie and Todd, Layton, girl, April 20.

THOMAS, Helen and Don, Bountiful, boy, April 22.

TUTTLE, Tammy and William, Layton, girl, April 23.

WALKER, Yoifa and Justin, Sunset, girl, April 19.

WILSON, Tracie and Mark, Layton, girl, April 19.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

ANDERSON, Andrea and Michael, Ephraim, girl, April 26.

ASHLEY, Brook, and STEELE, Tony, Kearns, boy, April 27.

DAVIS, Audrey and Brian, Draper, boy, April 25.

DILLON, Cheri and Ron, West Jordan, girl, April 24.

FAIRBANKS, Lorrie and Chris, West Jordan, boy, April 24.

HURLEY, Charlotte and Bryan, West Jordan, boy, April 26.

LEMON, Pam and Ryan, Sandy, girl, April 26.

LUNDELL, Jeanie and Scott, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

PRINE, Melissa, and MURRAY, Dalton, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

ROSENHAN, Jessica and Jeffrey, Kearns, boy, April 24.

SWAIN, Julie and Nathan, South Jordan, girl, April 25.

WAITE, Tina and Daniel, Taylorsville, boy, April 25.

LDS Hospital-

ATKINSON, Hollie and Justin, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

BYBEE, Emily and Taige, Provo, girl, April 28.

FORREST, Wendy and Ian, Sandy, boy, April 28.

GOMEZ, Dora and Daniel, Wendover, girl, April 28.

KIBBE, Jubilee and William, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

KIDMAN, Jessica and Reese, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

MENDOZA, Maria and Pascual, Wendover, girl, April 28.

OAKES, LuAnn and Gregory, Kaysville, boy, April 28.

RAWSON, Crystal and Blaine, Bountiful, boy, April 28.

RODRIGUEZ, Dolores, Wendover, boy, April 28.

SHAW, Carrie and Cameron, West Valley City, girl, April 28.

SIMONSEN, Janna and Luke, Bountiful, boy, April 28.

SKABELUND, Michelle and Kenneth, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

STORRS, Starlit and Jonathon, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

SWALLOW, Cynthia, and ST. GEOR, Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

WESTBROOK, Holly and Ricky, North Salt Lake, girl, April 28.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ANDERSON, Kimberly, and MORRILL, Jason, West Point, boy, April 28.

CHASE, Amber and Daniel, Ogden, girl, April 28.

DEARDEN, Ann and Eugene, Layton, girl, April 28.

GUTIERREZ, Melissa and Noe, Layton, girl, April 28.

HOVER, Leilani and Gary, Harrisville, girl, April 26.

PIERSON, Tina and Gared, Ogden, boy, April 28.

STREUBER, Heather and Gregory, Roy, girl, April 28.

WESTON, Michelle, Clearfield, boy, April 28.

WHEELWRIGHT, Melinda and Terry, Morgan, boy, April 28.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center-

ALASTI, Nousheen, and AIIOKA, Richard, Salt Lake City, boy, April 27.

BRADY, Shalice and Scott, West Jordan, girl, April 27.

CALL, Susan and Michael, Bountiful, boy, April 27.

HANSEN, Leahia, and THUNELL, Matthew, Taylorsville, boy, April 26.

HARMS, Kristine and Curtis, Murray, boy, April 25.

McNEELEY, Miriam and Curt, Salt Lake City, girl, April 25.

ROUMPOS, Carol and George, Salt Lake City, boy, April 26.

SPEER, Ann and Todd, Salt Lake City, boy, April 26.

TOBLER, Lindsey and Harmon, Orem, girl, April 25.

WESTBROOK, Jennifer and Donal, Midvale, boy, April 26.