We, a family of five, have had University of Utah season basketball tickets for 14 years.

We had a "ball" attending the games this year and must say that with each passing year since Coach Majerus arrived, we've had more and more fun and felt an increasing allegiance and pride in our alma mater.We want to congratulate the Utes, men and women, on a great season as athletes and especially as commendable citizens and students.

We can't let this opportunity go by without saying a big "thanks" to the U. pep band. They don't get much recognition. They're also a terrific group of kids performing with excellence and undying support with no applause from the fans. We've enjoyed their sense of humor, their dancing, their counting antics to frustrate the opposing teams.

We've especially grown attached to the trombone player with the long hair who seems to instigate much of the dancing and fun. Keep up the good work, pep band!

We appreciate all you do to make the whole picture at the U. athletic events complete. Win or lose, for 14 years, we've felt it a privilege to be associated with the U.

The Greg Anderson family

Salt Lake City