Meg Holbrook is quite right about the need for campaign finance reform. For my part, I begin with the idea that politics should be a contest of ideas, not of who can raise the most money. The moneyed people say they are only exercising free speech when they heavily finance a campaign. I say it isn't free speech, it is very expensive speech, available to only those with money.

We should end campaigning as we know it, and instead let each candidate send out one mailing of papers to every address in the country for presidential elections, or district, in local or state elections. These papers should outline the candidate's position on the issues. Mentioning other candidates or their positions would be prohibited. Then, we have the debates, as now, where if one attacks, the rival is there to rebut in person.The mailing should not be too long before the election. It could be financed by the government, or by checkoffs on tax returns, or other means someone else could come up with. I don't have all the answers.

It would be nice to be rid of mudslinging, wouldn't it?

John D. McGowan