Paula Jones formally told a federal judge Wednesday she was appealing the decision tossing out her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton.

The appeal notice was filed with U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright, who on April 1 ruled that Jones' claims against the president fell "far short" of being worthy of a federal trial."She's continuing the fight," said David M. Pyke, a lawyer for Jones. "We're going to continue to make the same arguments and try to advance the legal arguments to a higher court."

The brief filing contains no new allegations, merely informing the judge that her April 1 ruling and earlier rulings are being appealed to the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in St. Louis.

Among the earlier rulings being appealed was one removing from Jones' case material related to the case of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The lawyers also want the appeals court to look at decisions limiting depositions and tossing out a defamation claim included in the lawsuit.

Wright said that while Jones described boorish conduct - including allegations that Clinton exposed himself to Jones in a hotel room - she could not claim sexual harassment.

The judge noted in her decision that Jones remained at her state job nearly two years after the alleged incident and that she didn't complain to her supervisors.

Jones says Clinton propositioned her May 8, 1991, when Clinton was Arkansas governor and she was a state worker attending an economic development conference. She said a trooper escorted her to Clinton's Little Rock hotel room, where the alleged pass was made.

The trial had been scheduled to begin May 27.