The Utah Catzz and the Colorado Wildcats will replay final nine seconds of Sunday's game, won by Colorado 29-27, on May 23 because of a decision rendered by the commissioner of the Professional Indoor Football League.

With Colorado leading 29-27 in Denver, Utah's Doug Beach attempted a 50-yard field goal. The kick was blocked by a Colorado defender rushing from the outside, in violation of league rules.PIFL commissioner Dick Suess overruled a referee's decision that allowed the play to stand. PIFL rules state that "the defense may attempt to block the kick with an inside rush, provided that no player shall line up wider than the widest offensive player on the line of scrimmage."

Now the Wildcats will be assessed a 6-yard penalty, and Beach will have a chance to kick a 44-yard field goal to win the game next month. Then the teams will play a regularly scheduled game at the McKay Events Center on the campus of Utah Valley State College.