American Fork Hospital-

ALLPHIN, Marcie and Joseph, Provo, girl, March 17.

BETTFREUND, Janel and Robert, American Fork, girl, March 18.

BRADY, Elizabeth and Kit, Orem, girl, March 18.

CLEGG, Jolynn and Jay, Spanish Fork, boy, March 19.

COTTRELL, Heather and William, Orem, boy, March 20.

DAHL, Laura and Max, Burley, Idaho, boy, March 19.

DONKERSGOED, Lori and Dwayne, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 19.

HOGAN, Tammy and Todd, Alpine, girl, March 20.

JOHNSTON, Shelli and Heath, American Fork, girl, March 17.

KALLAS, Tonja and Klint, Orem, girl, March 17.

LISH, Anita and Doryl, American Fork, boy, March 19.

MANSEAU, Kristi and John, American Fork, girl, March 17.

McDONALD, Jalene and Michael, Orem, girl, March 20.

MINER, Hilary and Reed, Provo, boy, March 20.

POWERS, Stacey and Gerard, Orem, girl, March 20.

REDA, Jennifer and Darren, Highland, girl, March 19.

SAPP, Dallas, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 17.

SLACK, Barbara and John, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 20.

SPENCER, Angela and Clarence, Provo, boy, March 20.

THOMAS, Michelle and Jason, Orem, girl, March 17.

THORNLEY, Julie and Aaron, Bluffdale, girl, March 20.

WINN, Rachel and Paul, Lehi, girl, March 19.

Columbia Mountain View Hospital-

ADAMS, Melissa and Tim, Santaquin, girl, April 15.

BABBEL, Victoria and Arthur, Payson, boy, April 12.

BARDSLEY, Myrian and Daniel, Mapleton, girl, April 17.

BLACK, Deanna and Russell, Mt. Pleasant, twin girls, April 17.

CHRISTENSEN, Soofie and Craig, Salem, boy, April 13.

COOK, Kelly and Ronald, Spanish Fork, girl, April 18.

DAVIES, Bonnie and Lynn, Springville, boy, April 17.

GREGORY, Kristina and Chad, Provo, boy, April 17.

HALLIDAY, Carin and Robert, Orem, girl, April 15.

HILTON, Annette, and FARLEY, Shane, Heber City, girl, April 15.

LOWE, Lynne and Timothy, Santaquin, boy, April 15.

NAYLOR, Lisa and Scott, Fountain Green, girl, April 15.

OLSEN, Carey and Douglas, Spanish Fork, girl, April 15.

PETERSON, Alison and Kelly, Salem, girl, April 12.

PRICE, Erika and Rodney, Cedar Hills, boy, April 15.

RINGGER, Melissa and Scott, Payson, girl, April 18.

ROBERTSON, Launa and David, Springville, girl, April 17.

SHEEN, Sara and Jonathan, Provo, boy, April 13.

TARWATER, Sandra and Don, Payson, boy, April 17.

WILEY, Tracy and Don, Spanish Fork, girl, April 17.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BARLOW, Delia and Hagen, Sandy, girl, April 24.

BECKSTEAD, Sara and Justin, Sandy, boy, April 24.

BENSON, Wendy and Chad, Salt Lake City, girl, April 24.

BIRCH, Kayelyn and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, April 24.

BOOTH, Bridget and Jason, Sandy, girl, April 26.

FAUX, Connie and Shawn, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 24.

FLITTON, Julie and Derick, Taylorsville, boy, April 24.

GARCIA, Joni and Gerald, Riverton, girl, April 24.

HAMBY, Denice and Steve, Magna, boy, April 24.

HEALY, Jennifer and Nicholas, Murray, girl, April 26.

LANGSTON, Kerry and Joseph, Salt Lake City, girl, April 24.

MADDOX, Kari and Ryan, Salt Lake City, girl, April 24.

MARTINEZ, Tia, and LARSON, Nate, Salt Lake City, girl, April 25.

McCRACKEN, Liana and Miles, Riverton, boy, April 24.

PFEIL, Elizabeth and Ronnie, Tooele, girl, April 24.

ROSS, Holly and George, Magna, girl, April 25.

ROTTWEILER, Melanie and James, Salt Lake City, boy, April 25.

SADLER, Deedee and Jared, West Jordan, girl, April 25.

THOMAS, Camille and David, Salt Lake City, boy, April 24.

WILKINS, Kristie and David, West Jordan, girl, April 24.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ASTLE, Teri and Robert, Layton, boy, April 15.

ATKINSON, Lynnette, and WELLS, Robert, Layton, boy, March 21.

BEST, Heidi and Aaron, Layton, girl, April 18.

BINGHAM, Tanya and Kelly, Layton, boy, April 16.

BRIAN, Jill and Sean, Layton, boy, April 16.

BRUMBLE, Trina and Jason, Layton, girl, April 16.

CHRISTENSEN, Sara Joan and Nic, Kaysville, girl, April 16.

CONNORS, Kerrin and Mark, Roy, boy, April 14.

DeGREY, Chali and John, Fruit Heights, boy, April 14.

EDSON, Deborah and Griff, Ogden, girl, April 16.

EVANS-KING, Shonta, Hill AFB, boy, April 16.

HUFFMAN, Mary and Vince, Ogden, girl, April 16.

JOHNSON, Pam and Merrill, Ogden, girl, April 14.

LARSEN, Christy, and CLARK, John, Clearfield, boy, April 17.

LEATHAM, Kristine and Mike, Layton, boy, April 14.

LLOYD, Jolene and Larry, Syracuse, boy, April 16.

LOOSLI, Lisa, Kaysville, Kaysville, girl, April 15.

NELSON, Whitney, and MENDIGORIN, Jerwin, Layton, girl, April 15.

PRENDERGAST, Caryl and Edward, Hill AFB, boy, April 18.

SHAW, Jamie and Don, Layton, boy, April 15.

SHREEVE, Lori and Michael, Clearfield, girl, April 15.

SILLS, Monica and Dan, Clearfield, girl, April 15.

SMITH, Jeannine, Bountiful, girl, April 17.

SMITH, Lisa and Robert, North Ogden, boy, April 15.

SPENCE, Annalis and Brian, Layton, girl, April 17.

VERNON, Amanda and Wes, Roy, boy, April 18.

WADE, Jefri and Brian, Ogden, boy, April 18.

WARD, Juanita and Michael, Clearfield, girl, April 15.

WARNER, Jennifer and Clark, Ogden, girl, April 14.

LDS Hospital-

CALDER, Kellee and Vernon, Magna, boy, April 27.

GEER, Angelina and Grant, Salt Lake City, boy, April 27.

HOGAN, September and Steven, Bountiful, boy, April 27.

KENNALEY, Katherine, Bountiful, girl, April 27.

LITTLE, Joyce and David, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

MAU, Robinette and Jon, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

MILLER, Jamie, Wendover, Nev., girl, April 27.

PAULINO, Jill and Eric, West Jordan, girl, April 27.

RINESS, Susan and Alford, Murray, boy, April 27.

TANNER, Maud and Hugh, Kaysville, boy, April 27.

THOMSON, Janelle and Dale, Kearns, boy, April 27.

TYLER, Melissa and Christopher, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BAIRD, Naomi and Gary, Ogden, girl, April 25.

COBB, Karissa and Mathew, Ogden, girl, April 25.

COLE, Tamara and Jeremie, Tremonton, boy, April 28.

COMEAU, Stacey and Kyle, Clearfield, girl, April 28.

COTTRELL, Suzette and Brad, Layton, girl, April 27.

DELAHUNTY, Annette and David, Ogden, girl, April 24.

ELLIS, Rachel and Scott, Hooper, girl, April 24.

GAVILANEZ, Magda, Ogden, boy, April 27.

GONZALES, Regina, and JARAMILLO, Andy, Ogden, boy, April 26.

JASKOWSKI, Angela and Quinton, Ogden, twins, boy and girl, April 26.

KAY, Tara and Brad, Riverdale, boy, April 24.

LAMMERT, Sarah, and CRUM, Andrew, Ogden, girl, April 24.

NOYCE, Sherida and Samuel, Ogden, boy, April 26.

PIERCE, Jennifer, and GILL, Billy, Roy, girl, April 24.

SHAW, Karin and Mikal, Hooper, girl, April 27.

SHRIBER, Nancy, Ogden, boy, April 26.

TATTON, Barbara and Stephen, Syracuse, girl, April 24.

THOMPSON, Elsa and William, Clinton, girl, April 22.

WATKINS, Patricia and Lance, Layton, boy, April 24.

WESTON, Christine and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, April 24.

WILCOX, Lori Jo and R. Bryce, Clearfield, boy, April 27.

YNGSDAL, JoAnn and David, Ogden, boy, April 27.

YOUNG, Nichole and Brandon, Roy, twins, boy and girl, April 25.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BARTUNEK, Mistie, Tooele, boy, April 27.

PHAM, Phuong, and NGUYEN, Dat, West Valley City, boy, April 24.

WORKMAN, Cindy and Jason, Kearns, boy, April 28.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center-

BOSWELL, Karen and Bronson, Salt Lake City, boy, April 22.

BROWN, Andrea and Aaron, Salt Lake City, boy, April 22.

COLLETTE, Gabriella, and ANDRADE, Juan Pablo, Salt Lake City, boy, April 23.

GRUVER, Sharlene and Doug, West Jordan, boy, April 24.

JOHNSON, Joey, and BURR, Ryan, West Valley City, girl, April 22.

LODEN, Kara and David, Salt Lake City, girl, April 23.

NEBEKER, Annette and Roy, Centerville, boy, April 23.

SMITH, Jannae and Jeff, Salt Lake City, boy, April 22.

SWIM, Christine and Zane, Kaysville, boy, April 23.

WASHINGTON, Juanita and Sam, Salt Lake City, girl, April 24.