A $27,000 custom-built table has been delivered to Utah State University, despite opposition to the high-priced purchase that led to the purchase being temporarily delayed.

Last December the allocation caught the attention of the media, prompting some to argue it was excessive, especially on the heals of recent tuition hikes. The purchase was temporarily tabled, but administrators opted to go ahead with original plan.The school allotted $8,760 from the state building budget for the remodeling of the university's old administration building, said USU Vice President for Media Relations Paul Norton.

"The remaining $18,160 will be covered with nontax dollars, either donations or interest income off of investments," he said.

Norton said other bids for the 20-foot-long custom table were considerably higher. He said the table, which will sit in a conference room in the administration building, is covered with an oak veneer, rather than being made of solid oak, and features the USU logo ingrained in different colors of wood.

"It is an important part of the decor of that space and the craftsmanship of the table makes it an inspiring piece of art work," he said.