A woman who pleaded guilty to abusing her 7-year-old adopted daughter has also confessed to fatally pushing the girl's 4-year-old half-sister down the stairs in Michigan in 1996.

Cache County Attorney Scott L. Wyatt on Tuesday confirmed that Becky Lynn Tucker, 34, of Trenton, had admitted to causing the girl's death in Coldwater, Mich., two years ago."Yes, that's true. It was last Wednesday, during the day when Michigan investigators were talking to her that she acknowledged that," Wyatt said.

Coldwater Police Chief Gary Chester would only confirm Tuesday that he had dispatched an officer to Utah to interview Tucker last week, and that his investigators were "preparing a case for the (Branch County) prosecutor.

"We've been advised by the prosecutor not to release any more information at this time," Chester said.

Branch County Attorney John Livesay did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Tucker, along with her husband, Christopher, are to be sentenced May 14 in Salt Lake City by 3rd District Judge Leslie Lewis on charges of starving and neglecting the 7-year-old girl.

Last month in a deal with prosecutors, Becky Tucker pleaded guilty to third-degree felony child abuse, while Christopher Tucker pleaded guilty to a second-degree count. They also surrendered their parental rights to two remaining children, including the 7-year-old and a 4-year-old girl.

Wyatt said details of the confession in the Michigan case would be presented to Lewis at next month's sentencing and may result in stiffer sentences.

Under Utah law, a third-degree felony is punishable by a prison term of 0-to-5 years, while a second-degree felony carries a penalty of 1-15 years.

Wyatt said he was more saddened than surprised by the confession.

"My thought was that it confirmed what I had always been suspicious of," he said. "There were things that occurred in Michigan and the Tuckers seemed to be hiding from them . . . I think they just got tired of having someone looking over their shoulders and they moved out here hoping to start a new life."