As a I stroll around campus, I have noticed that this time of the year brings growth to a natural phenomenon. This phenomenon is the uncontrollable attraction that seems to compel two people together and make them fall madly into love. I have especially noticed this as finals have finished and minds become free to consider the possibility that our beloved one is going away for the summer. This idea of being separated can sometimes cause an increase (or should I say rash) of engagements because an engagement is our way to ensure summertime fidelity. Besides, marriage sounds like a pretty good deal.

Now don't think me one of those who, when they are subjected to observe the associated behaviors of the "in-love" phenomenon, makes it their personal mission to decry such activities. That is not what I fear, what I fear is that among all of this frolicking around that leads to marriage that all too often we leave out the important discussions and activities that set up the foundations for successful marriages.I just ask one thing of those who are smitten by this phenomenon. Spend just as much time, money and energy preparing a successful marriage as you do preparing for the actual wedding day.

Troy Faddis