Salt Lake homicide detectives Monday continued to look for suspects, a motive and the identity of the victim in a weekend shooting.

A man sitting in a car in the parking lot of La Pantera, 544 W. 1300 South, was shot to death at close range just before midnight Saturday, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Arthur Healey.Witnesses told police they saw a man and woman drive into the parking lot in a sedan with dark tinted windows shortly before the shooting, said Sgt. Kyle Jones.

The couple got permission from the bar owner to park near a fence as they said they weren't coming inside the club right then. They said they were waiting for a friend, Jones said.

A short time later, the victim drove into the parking lot of La Pantera and drove around for a minute or so. After the victim parked, another vehicle pulled forward and then stopped.

The driver - a man with a gold capped front tooth who was wearing a red jacket and black cowboy hat - got out of the car and walked up to the passenger side of the victim's car, Jones said.

The man fired several shots at the victim, hitting him a number of times in the torso. The man then got back into the car with dark tinted windows and drove out of the parking lot onto 1300 South, Jones said.

The witnesses gave police a license plate number for the suspect vehicle of 378JLT. The car that plate belongs to doesn't match the vehicle described, which could mean a number of things. Jones said the car and/or plate could be stolen or the witnesses could be off by a number or letter on the license plate.

The woman who was with the suspected shooter was described as about 21 years old with medium brown hair, a white blouse and wearing a gold medallion of the Blessed Mother of God, Jones said.

The witness who'd given the suspects permission to park near the fence called police after the shooting.

The victim, a man in his early 20s, was still alive when paramedics arrived but died at the scene, Healey said.

The victim's identifying documents were inconclusive, leaving officers uncertain about his name, age or address, Healey said.

There was no indication that the victim and the shooter had any contact or altercation in the restaurant or in the parking lot before the shooting, Healey said.

"The motive is still absolutely unknown," Jones added.

Police are looking for the suspected shooter, who was described as about 5 feet 5 inches tall with small facial features and a dark complexion.