I would like to show my appreciation for Doug Robinson's article regarding BYU's stand to not playing sports on Sunday. He is "right on" in what's happening in the United States. It's getting harder to find sports programs for our children that are not on Sunday. In fact, the better your child is, the more likely they will be pressured to play on Sunday because of all the "select" team tournaments. We have been fortunate to find leagues that do not play on Sunday, but it is the norm to schedule makeup games for rainouts on Sunday. Luckily we are not a soccer family because I hear it's very tough to avoid Sunday play.

A couple of years back, I was an assistant coach for my daughter's softball team in the Milwaukee area. We had a rainout during the tournament and were faced with Sunday play. I had told the coach before the season started that we would not be showing up for any games on Sunday. When the rainout was rescheduled for the following Sunday, I informed the parents (whom we had formed good friendships with) that my daughter and I would not be at the final game and wished them the best of luck. To my surprise, not only did the majority of the parents on our team support me, but when the coach called the other team to forfeit, the other team said they would also not like to play on Sunday and the game was rescheduled, to much joy for all.I also lived just a few miles north of Notre Dame (South Bend, Ind.) and was always amazed that a religious institution would almost seek to have games on Sunday so followers around the country could get the television coverage they desired.

Bruce Robinson