Around-the-clock gravel pit operations will continue in North Salt Lake at least through May, the City Council has decided.

Last week, council members extended the conditional-use permit for Concrete Products Co., which op-er-ates a North Salt Lake pit. Last summer, the 24-hour use of the pit angered nearby residents who complained about the noise and dust that polluted their neighborhoods.Because of those complaints, the city formed a residents group last fall to help oversee the pit, especially late-hours operation.

CPC had requested a six-month extension, based on the fact that they have adhered to the permit's requirements. The company, however, has not kept the pit operational for 24 hours a day during the winter.

The company plans to start working around the clock sometime around May 1, and would have preferred a permit that would last all summer, said John Burggraf, CPC manager.

But the council was hesitant to grant an extension of that length, because the watchdog group has not had a chance to evaluate some of the concessions CPC made.

Those concessions, which aim to help alleviate the noise and dust problems, include constant watering of the pit to keep down dust, the disabling of beepers that sound when a vehicle is backing up, and securing the tailgates of dump trucks to prevent banging.

"We'll hear from the citizens quickly if there is a problem," said Councilman Lynn L. Ballard. "We don't want to have to wait too long to address those concerns."

The council will revisit the conditional-use permit during its June 2 meeting, at which time it could grant a longer extension, a similar extension, or deny the permit.

"This will provide an opportunity for the citizens to evaluate the pit," Councilman Stan Porter said. "They haven't yet had that opportunity."