On the virtual brink of a new century and millenium, may I suggest a new ethic. As the digits change to this new century, our news media have pointed to a likely computer nightmare of gargantuan proportions.

May I point out that as the digits changed last time, there were no computers. The only nightmare of this reality was its own history which somehow, despite our knowledge of it, managed to repeat itself in more glorious detail in our own century. Those who cannot forget the past are condemned to repeat it.Let us start our computers and our lives at 0000, the beginning. Let it truly be a new millennium, a jubilee, both because it is the so-called culmination of a believed 7K year period and because it is a true eradication of the past - we do not have to carry our "mistakes" or karmic debts into our future.

And since a jubilee is a celebration, then let us celebrate the end of the old and find our way into 0000 on our own path, unencumbered by the burden of history. I propose amnesty, for all of humanity, a freedom from our past. Let me know if you have a better idea.

Charles H. Osborn Jr.

Salt Lake City