Guatemala's 35-year civil war left 150,000 people dead and some 50,000 missing - more than what the government has estimated, according to a Roman Catholic Church report.

Official figures say 130,000 to 140,000 people were killed in the conflict that started in 1961. The government has provided no figures on missing The war ended with peace accords signed on Dec. 29, 1996, by leftist guerrillas and the government.Archbishop Prospero Penado del Barrio read the report during a Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral on Friday.

The report, drawn up by the church's human-rights agencies, was part of the peace accords that said aspects of the conflict should be investigated to determine the truth for historical purposes.

It was compiled with the help of 600 human rights volunteers who spent two years interviewing hundreds in Guatemala.

The conflict pitted a leftist umbrella guerrilla organization - which included four armed groups and was known as URNG - against a series of U.S.-supported rightist governments, often dominated by the military.