The Jazz were criticized for their whining to the officials in the first game, even by their coach Jerry Sloan.

Saturday night it was the Rockets' turn to whine.Houston coach Rudy Tomjanovich was crying to the officials right from the start. Less than five minutes into the game he got hit with a technical for arguing a foul call on Matt Maloney after he knocked John Stockton to the ground. Tomjanovich was complaining about the screen Stockton set before he was knocked to the ground.

Exactly two minutes after the T on Rudy T., Clyde Drexler received a technical for complaining about a foul call.

Tomjanovich continued to complain all half and went slightly berserk when Maloney was hacked going in for a layup just before the buzzer. Tomjanovich ran to midcourt pointing his finger at head official Hugh Evans, who simply said, "Go to the locker room."

In the second half, with 5:19 left in the game, Hakeem Olujawon was given two quick technicals by official Ronnie Nunn after a foul call on teammate Brent Price.

1-1 BEATS 2-0: Much has been made about the long odds facing the Jazz after losing Game 1 Thursday.

Such as . . . Houston is 17-0 in series in which they've won the first game and the Jazz are just 2-12 in series where they've lost the first game.

Those odds still face the Jazz despite Saturday's 105-90 win, which knotted the series 1-1.

So what would the odds have been of the Jazz coming back from a 2-0 deficit? Real long.

Only five times in NBA history has a team come back from a 2-0 deficit in a five-game series to win.

The last time was 1994 when Denver came back to defeat Seattle in the first round. That year Seattle was the No. 1 seed and beaten by the Nuggets three straight after winning the first two.

The only time a No. 1 seed came back to defeat a No. 8 seed was 1993 when Phoenix rebounded to beat the Los Angles Lakers after dropping two straight at home.

BARKLEY WATCH: With 4:15 left in the first quarter, as the Jazz were setting up on offense, loud boos emanated from the Delta Center.


Because Charles Barkley was jogging toward the scorer's table, getting ready to check into the game. Fans cheered loudly when Barkley was called for an offensive foul just 10 seconds after he entered the game and missed his first three shots.

Barkley, who was fined $10,000 by the league for obscene comments to fans during Game 1, was never much of a factor and seemed to ignore the taunts from the Jazz fans seated by the Rockets' bench.

Sir Charles finished with just eight points on 2 of 7 shooting before fouling out with 4:50 left after a vicious elbow to John Stockton.

MEDIA INFLUENCE: Earlier Saturday, Charles Barkley was seen wearing a T-Shirt that read "Eddie Sefko Must Die."

So who the heck is Eddie Sefko?

He's a Houston Chronicle sports writer, who made the terrible mistake of predicting that the Rockets would lose in three games and said that Barkley should stop talking and just play.

After the Rockets' upset Thursday, a rock station in Houston started a campaign with an "Eddie Sefko Must Die" chant.

Sefko took the "death" threats in stride, saying, "I'm taking credit for the win in Game 1 and galvanizing the team."

COOL TICKET: An hour before Saturday night's game, a Jazz-Rocket ticket was anything but hot.

The scalpers across the street from the Delta Center were holding handfuls of tickets and there weren't any people wandering around with two fingers in the air looking for tickets.

One unidentified scalper with four in his hand and who knows how many in his pockets was clearly frustrated looking for customers. He said upper-bowl tickets could be had for $30-40 dollars and lower-bowl seats for around $80.

"I can't figure it out," he said. "There aren't that many buyers tonight."

Shows you what a Game 1 loss can do to fan interest.

SAME OLD, SAME OLD: There was a lot of talk before the game that the Jazz would change their starting lineup to jumpstart the team.

One rumor had Bryon Russell starting in place of Adam Keefe, while another had Greg Ostertag in place of Greg Foster.

However, when the game started the Jazz had their usual starting lineup of Karl Malone, John Stockton, Jeff Hornacek, Keefe and Foster.

SIGN LANGUAGE: Most of the home-made signs at the Delta Center went after Barkley and the officials.

"Lookin' Fine Barkley, you potty mouth."

"Barkley Sir Hernia Mouth"

"Most Vulgar Player"

"Hey Refs, how about working tonight?"

And a pair that combined the two ideas in a Forrest Gump theme:

"Stupid is as Barkley does . . . Referees are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get."

GAME NOTES: Of the eight NBA first-round series, Utah-Houston features the longest stretch between games - four days from Game 2 to Game 3. None of the other series have games more than three days apart . . . Game 4 is Friday night, with Game 5 on Sunday in Salt Lake if necessary . . . One noticeable change in the Jazz offensive strategy was evident in the first few minutes of the game. John Stockton, who had taken just three shots in the first half in Thursday's game, sank a shot just 15 seconds into the game and within the first three and a half minutes, had already tried four shots.