HUELVA - Spanish authorities battled to prevent a major ecological disaster Saturday after a holding pond at a mine burst, sending millions of gallons of toxic liquid into a river that flows past one of Europe's leading nature reserves.


LONDON - An explosion at a Rolls-Royce engine plant in central England killed an American man and injured four others, police said Saturday.


NEW DELHI - Indian police forced three Tibetan hunger strikers into an ambulance and took them to a hospital today, but supporters kept police from ending the 48-day fast by three other protesters.


ZURICH - Switzerland has released a suspected Israeli secret agent caught during a bungled wiretapping mission and the man has left the country, a federal magistrate said Saturday.


ALGIERS - A bomb ripped through a school in Algiers Saturday, slightly wounding nine children.


MEXICO CITY - U.S. officials are investigating secret Swiss bank accounts allegedly used by the brother of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas to launder up to $132 million in drug money, newspapers reported Saturday.


KHARTOUM - Clashes between rival tribes over water and grazing rights have left more than 100 people dead and about 45 villages gutted in western Sudan.


BEIJING - China freed Yao Zhenxian, an ailing political prisoner, Saturday at the end of his two-year sentence, but his brother remained behind bars despite an appeal for his release on medical grounds, a dissident monitoring group said.


JAKARTA - Rock-throwing students clashed with police brandishing batons and shields on a campus in eastern Indonesia on the second consecutive day of violent protests against President Suharto.


SARAJEVO - Bosnian Serbs cursed the Croats and smashed the windows of their cars Saturday as they headed to a planned Mass in the third straight day of ethnic violence in Bosnia.


PRISTINA - Sporadic gunfire resounded Saturday in a region of Kosovo province where heavily armed Serb police have been hunting for ethnic Albanian separatists.


LOME - Togo's constitutional court has ruled that the government's decision to hold the first round of a presidential election on June 7 is contrary to the constitution and that June 14 is more appropriate.


RIO DE JANEIRO - A severe drought in Brazil's impoverished northeast region could cause more than 9 million people to go hungry, according to a government report released Saturday.


Rescue efforts were under way to locate the tanker Petro Ranger, missing since April 17 in the South China Sea in a suspected hijack, its shipping agents said Saturday.


ANKARA - A junior member of Turkey's coalition government said on Saturday it would not back a plan by Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz to dissolve the cabinet later this year and set up an interim government before elections next year.