A 90-year-old man bludgeoned his 86-year-old wife to death with a dumbbell when she tried to back out of their suicide pact, then he leaped from a second-story window but failed to kill himself, according to police.

Charles Bauld told homicide officers that he and his bedridden wife had made a pact to die and that he killed her early Thursday after she changed her mind."There were indications from the scene that she resisted," Lt. David Robinson said.

Bauld, who was arrested for investigation of murder, was in stable condition with arm and leg fractures and a lump on his head.

Police found Bauld lying in the back yard of the couple's home. He sent them to a second-floor bedroom where the woman's body was found with a plastic bag over her head.

Robinson said Bauld and his wife, whose name was being withheld by the coroner's office, had "talked about a murder-suicide at a time past," but that "she had also talked against doing it."