* Winner: Thanks to the dedication and artistry of Franz Johansen, a bronze likeness of handcart-pulling pioneers will greet visitors at the Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters near Omaha, Neb. The sculpture features seven figures and is life size.

The sculpture, said Johansen, a former art professor at BYU, is a reminder of the dedication and sacrifice of those who crossed the plains.Loser: The count of computers, his excellency of electronics, the wizard of Windows, yes, Mr. William Gates himself, suffered the kind of fate that the rest of us do when his system crashed Monday.

There was a difference, however. When it happens to us, we're usually by ourselves. The stakes were a little higher for Gates. He was the featured speaker of the Comdex Spring Computer Show in Chicago. He was demonstrating his new Windows 98 operating system, set to debut in June, when it crashed.

"That must be why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet. I guess we still have some bugs to work out," he lamented. Please get them worked out, Bill, before the rest of us install Windows 98.

Loser: As if motorists don't have a tough enough time getting about with the reconstruction of I-15, Hill Air Force Base added to their woes Tuesday morning. Seems like officials at Hill decided it would be a good time to hold a training exercise.

The maneuvers, a rehearsal for an operational readiness inspection in May, forced the closure of three base entrance gates. That backed up traffic for at least two hours and three miles, forcing many motorists to inch forward along the shoulder of I-15 leading to the base. It is hoped future rehearsals will be kept to a minimum.

* Winner: For homeless mentally ill men and women, the streets can be dangerous, which is why a new program called Safe Haven is being established. In October, homeless mentally ill will have access to 25 short- and long-term apartments at 550 W. 700 South.

It will be a non-threatening environment and will include studio apartments for one or two-night stays and one-bedroom apartments for long term occupancy. A nominal rental fee will be charged. That's a small price to pay for providing such needed assistance.