An Ogden man was injured after falling about 50 feet down a cliff Thursday.

Adam Davis, 23, Ogden, and two friends were hiking up Waterfall Canyon, about a half mile east of Ogden, when he apparently slipped on the narrow trail and fell about 50 feet down a cliff, said Weber County Sheriff's Sgt. Klint Anderson.Davis, who suffered several cuts and a dislocated knee during the fall, had a cellular phone and called for help, Anderson said. One friend remained with him while the other went back to meet rescuers at the bottom of the canyon.

The Weber County Mountain Rescue Extreme Team responded, administered first aid and took Davis out to a command post, where paramedics were waiting.

The trail where the fall occurred has spots of loose rocks and gravel, Anderson said. Because Davis was carrying a cellular phone, a rescue began within minutes of receiving the call for help.

"This accident illustrates the importance of some simple precautions," Anderson said. "The victim was not alone so he was able to send someone to meet rescuers and guide them to him, saving valuable time."

Davis was treated at Mckay-Dee Hospital Friday morning and released. It took rescue workers from 7 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. to rescue Davis and bring him down to paramedics.