North Korea

ROME - Donor nations have pledged only a third of the food aid North Korea needs to prevent a "humanitarian catastrophe," a U.N. agency said.

Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN - A woman who posed as the mother of a kidnapped San Diego girl was given a suspended sentence of six years in prison.


ABUJA - Paramilitary forces spread across Nigeria to try to prevent violence during legislative elections this weekend, amid growing outrage against the country's military ruler.

ABUJA - Two Nigerian journalists said they had been freed by military authorities after spending months in detention without trial.


ATHENS - Greek statesman Constantine Karamanlis was buried with thousands of people ignoring calls to keep the service low-key and lining the streets to throw flowers on his hearse.


BRUSSELS - Teeth found at the Belgian home of a Hungarian-born Protestant priest accused of murdering five relatives suggested that eight bodies were buried there, the public prosecutor's office said.


MOSCOW - A Russian publishing house, under fire from Muslim organizations, has decided to abandon plans to publish Salman Rushdie's controversial novel "The Satanic Verses" in Russia, Interfax news agency said.

Congo Republic

PARIS - Two human rights watchdog groups accused the Congo Republic of systematic human rights violations since military ruler Denis Sassou Nguesso took power six months ago after a bloody civil war.


OSLO - More than a decade after a father committed suicide because he was jailed for incest, the son and daughter he allegedly abused finally cleared his name in court.


LONDON - Earl Spencer, brother of Princess Diana, is urging trustees of her memorial fund to wind it up as soon as possible because it is tasteless and degrading her memory, The Times reported.


BUENOS AIRES - Rains eased in northern Argentina where serious flooding this month has killed 13 people, forced the evacuation of 87,500 others and caused widespread damage to crops and other property, officials said.


CHICLAYO - President Alberto Fujimori claimed a major victory against Peru's Shining Path guerrillas, saying police smashed the group's military machine in Lima with the capture of three top rebels.


SAO PAULO - Nine foreign prisoners and one Brazilian convicted of kidnapping a local supermarket mogul in 1989 may soon need medical attention if they continue their hunger strike, which is entering its 12th day, officials said.


ASSIUT - Six men died trying to rescue a 4-year-old child who fell into a sewage pit in southern Egypt, police officials said. They said the child survived by grabbing hold of a pole protruding from the pit.


TORONTO - In a victory for homosexual couples seeking legal recognition, Ontario's highest court has ruled the federal government's definition of "spouse" is unconstitutional because it excludes same-sex partners.