Books critical of Catholicism are no longer on the shelves at the New Life Books and Gifts.

Mayor James S. Whitaker, who owns the Christian bookstore, pulled the books after receiving complaints from some of his constituents: members of the Holy Cross Catholic Church.But books about Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Unitarian Universalists, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism remain on a shelf marked "prophecy and cults."

Many of the books, soft-covered pamphlets, deal with how Christians should relate to other faiths.

Jeff Spence, executive director of the regional National Conference of Christians and Jews, criticized the tone of the books in Whitaker's store.

"The problem for me . . . is when they are not religiously sensitive," Spence said. "We're a multireligious society. The goal should be to have an honest and open dialogue."