I must compliment the Deseret News for the timely cartoon caricature of the average NRA member that appeared in the paper on April 8. So realistic and lifelike. Really presents gun owners as they should be - jack-booted terrorists waiting to happen.

The above is apparently the way you hoped the cartoon would be accepted, but I personally have never been so enraged at anything so insulting and in such bad taste.The Deseret News editorial staff has apparently bought into the line of the super liberals who believe that, once the government has control of all weapons, the world will be safer for everyone. We will see an end to crime and the utopian millennium will have begun. What a bunch of empty-headed imbeciles we would be to buy into that.

Incidentally, would you please explain to your readers exactly what the connection was between the NRA and the unfortunate shooting incident at the Arkansas school.

We could probably stand to learn more about the correlation between juvenile crime and violence on TV or the fact that, if a person disciplines his children, it is called child abuse. Parents can go to jail and children are apparently better raised by the state. Does that have a familiar ring to it?

Lynn Twede

Salt Lake City