I never thought that I could possibly be upset at anyone on April 15 more than the Taxman. But after reading Doug Robinson's sports article about Rick Majerus, I have to admit to the highest level of frustration and anger with the local media, as he represents them in his article. But maybe I'm missing something.

Maybe I really wasn't sitting on the fifth row of the Alamodome having the proudest time of my life as a supporter of an athletic team from Utah. A team which actually had real live Utahns as players and coaches and fans. Oh, what fans.Remember, this was a team of Academic All-Americans, good kids who played team ball to a science, and made us locals and millions of viewers nationwide extremely proud. Maybe I wasn't really pinching myself, thinking it was a dream, or basketball heaven. Weren't you pinching yourself, too, Doug?

Maybe the media that Doug refers to would like to go back to '89 and suck it up a little. Maybe they need to revisit Roger Reid, for all the good that has done for local sports.

So Doug, don't be surprised that your personal, or collective pout or affront is not taken as seriously by your readers as it has been by you and a few of your illustrious peers. Maybe the latter is your audience. But please don't portray yourselves as victims. Earth to Doug. Get over it.

So, I say to our coach, bring on Kentucky, bring on Arizona, bring on North Carolina, and bring on the local media. You are doing just fine, and thank you. You may stay as long as you like. (And if you like, you may even play Azuza during test week.)

Richard D. Paul

Salt Lake City