Anybody who listened on Thursday (March 26) to Gov. Leavitt on KALL radio during his monthly 20-minute period of attempting to answer questions and concerns presented to him by his subjects gained insight as to the incompetence this administration exudes daily. I was able to ask him about the purpose and member qualifications of his uniform Building Code Commission. Mr. Leavitt replied that he had no knowledge of this commission and suggested it might be an agency of the Department of Commerce.

I sat in on a commission meeting over a year ago and spoke with the "chairperson," Judd Weller, and he insisted that the governor approved the members. He also confirmed that none of the members are engineers, which I am. This is a major cause to explain why if your residence is less than 20 years old it most probably has at least a lethal shock/fire hazard installed and inspected as a presumption of safety code. And, by the way, I have a document from our state government stating that building inspectors are not expected to have expertise in all of the areas that they monitor.But the "licensed" contractor cannot be reliable either; otherwise, inspection would not be required. I have done everything I can, unsuccessfully, to try to meet with our government to remove these hazards from your homes and businesses before any more tragic events occur, but now it is up to you to take some action. Because if you do not care that your lives are in jeopardy, I can assure you that the first governor to burn down the Governor's Mansion cares even less.

W. Jeffry Dahl