I am really concerned about the future of Utah's wildlife. I enjoy fishing, photography, bird watching, hunting and wildlife viewing. Wildlife to me is peace of mind and serenity.

SJR10 is a good bill. I feel that all wildlife should be managed professionally by DWR biologists. The Division of Wildlife Resources, through sportsmen's dollars, has put more money on the ground for wildlife habitats than any other group in the United States and possibly the world. Without the DWR, wildlife will suffer. All Utah should support SJR10. I will vote yes in November, and anyone who really cares about wildlife will also vote yes.I believe a two-thirds majority vote would ensure that if a ballot initiative is to pass on wildlife that Utahns really want it to happen. Right now, wildlife managers are doing a great job. I want to stop narrow-minded interests from telling Utahns what to do with their wildlife.

I get out with my girlfriend and her son to view wildlife and bird watch as much as I possibly can. I bought her son a pair of binoculars and just love the thrill he gets viewing birds and animals on our outings.

Please vote yes for professional wildlife management this fall. Support SJR 10. Utah wildlife and wildlife habitats really need a yes vote.

Jeff Eastman

West Valley City