It is amazing to me the amount of correspondence going back and forth between those who support banks and those that support credit unions, and no one seems to get it right.

Credit unions were established to help people who the banks refused to serve because of their lower economic level, by congressmen who, for the most part were bankrolled by bankers. They allowed them to be structured in such a way as to never be a threat to the much larger banks at the time, by limiting their membership. Now they cry foul about the playing field not being even? What a joke.Credit unions were not given an even playing field in the first place. If we continue to let banks and bankers write the rules, then only they will exist.

But, the real question at hand is: Whose money is it? Since the money is mine to invest, I choose whom I will do business with. No one has the right to tell me how or where to invest or do my finances, not the banks, not Congress and not the credit unions. The Founding Fathers believed in freedom of choice for all. If, as I have found, credit unions give superior service, it's my choice.

Let's take an example from my own experience. Zion's Bank was where I did my banking for more than 20 years, and it was convenient and OK for a while. In May of 1996, I was nearly out of checks, and I left a check order at the bank's Layton office.

After waiting two weeks, I called, they apologized and said they would expedite a new order. To make a long story short, three managers, six weeks, several in-person visits, and no checks, I closed my account. I opened an account at a credit union, and in less than a week, I had two boxes of new checks. If a multibillion dollar corporation can't give good service, maybe they think they are just too grand.

There is an old saying: "Lead, follow or get out of the way." As far as I am concerned, do not covet my property and get out of the way. If banks cannot provide a product that people are willing to buy, get out of the way and leave us alone. Let me be free to choose and succeed or fail, but do not use the law to dictate where and with whom I choose to do business.

G. Wayne and Denise Hunt